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Dieng Potato are better


IN INDONESIA , potatoes are not a staple food, different from mainland European communities. Though you could say, potatoes were originally imported from South America.

Potatoes have many types, two of which are dieng potatoes and redskins potatoes. Although classified as tubers, the shape and growth are very different, let alone talk of taste.

So that you better know the difference, see Leonard’s explanation as Food Manager of Mache Restaurant when I was met by Legal at Plaza Senayan, South Jakarta recently.


When it comes to shapes, the dieng potatoes are much bigger than the redskin potatoes. Dieng potatoes are somewhat rounded while redskin potatoes are more oblong.


When it comes to taste, redskin potatoes are far sweeter than potatoes. The texture is also wetter, this causes the redskin potatoes to taste sweeter.


From the color, the difference between the dieng and redskin potatoes is easily seen. Redskin Potatoes have a red skin color while Potato Potatoes have a yellow color while in the skin part is rather brown.


Dieng potatoes have a sugar content far below redskin potatoes. This tasteless and crisp flavor is the superiority of the Dieng Potatoes. Therefore, dieng potatoes are very suitable to make french fries.