Kaffir lime usually used as a spice in cooking. In addition to making food more delicious, kaffir lime turned out to save health benefits. Some of these benefits are obtained from the nutritional content and antioxidants contained in them.

Kaffir lime has the Latin name Citrus hystrix . Citrus fruit are round, small, dark green, with thick skin also known as lime or kaffir lime .

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Not only the fruit, kaffir lime leaves also have many benefits.

Benefits for Health

In traditional medicine, kaffir lime is used as a cold medicine, fever, stomach ache, diarrhea, and hypertension. But scientifically, the benefits of kaffir lime to treat these diseases are still unproven.

On the other hand, kaffir lime contains various nutrients According to some studies, kaffir lime has various health benefits, such as:

1. Has antibacterial properties

Kaffir lime essential oil is proven to be antibacterial. This kaffir lime extract oil can kill bacteria E.coli  and Salmonella typhi, which are the cause of food poisoning and typhoid fever .

2. Contains antioxidants

Kaffir lime contains flavonoids . Flavonoids are similar to antioxidants, which can repair cells damaged by free radicals. The amount of flavonoids is most found in the orange peel.

3. Maintain skin health

Kaffir lime can also be used for the skin. A study found that essential oils from kaffir lime can help prevent acne, support the healing process, and  fade acne scars . This is because the content of kaffir lime which is anti-inflammatory.

4. Protect the heart and blood vessels

A study linking the benefits of flavonoids contained in kaffir lime to reduce the risk of death from heart disease and blood vessels. This is thought to be related to antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties in orange stomach which can prevent damage to the heart and blood vessels.

5. Suppress the growth of cancer cells

Based on research in the laboratory, kaffir lime juice and extra kaffir lime can suppress the growth of cancer cells. However, the effectiveness of kaffir lime for cancer treatment still needs to be further investigated.

To get the benefits of kaffir lime, you can consume it as a drink, complement food, and rub it on the skin.

Keep in mind, some of the benefits of kaffir lime above are still limited to small-scale studies, and there is no reliable medical evidence to support the benefits of kaffir lime as a medicine. If you want to consume kaffir lime as an herbal medicine, you are advised to consult a doctor first.

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