We are an coal trader company, well positioned to benefit from the favorable long term industry outlook, with sizeable reserves that may increase, as we execute our drilling program and which will support our planned production of high quality coal.

We have a well diversified customer base and geographic location near major customers throughout Asia. We have excellent potential for significant additions to our reserves and resources, and the support of a strong and experienced management team.

In 2005, WIjaya Kusuma founded PT ORD Rekacipta Dinamika, a company engaged in Occupational Health and Safety in Mining (HSEQ). Along with the company’s growth and opportunities in the Mining business, a trading company was established in the field of coal under the name of PT ORD Cipta Kreasi, which specializes in Mining Trading.Armed with sufficient experience and good conditions with business partners and increased effectiveness and work efficiency that is realistic for several large companies, as well as mineral mining and see the opportunities, especially coal,
then PT. ORD Cipta Kreasi intended and
accommodate the need for coal supply for steam power plants.

our Mission

Through PT. ORD Cipta Kreasi, which is a subsidiary of PT. ORD Rekacipta Dinamika, which offers prime quality coal which includes coal at prices, qualifications, deliveries and quality control on demand.


PT. ORD Cipta Kreasi, received full support from PT. NCI – Nuansa Coal Investment, which is a subsidiary of MNC Group, one of the largest group companies in Indonesia

Coal Trader

As a coal trading company, we offer you a wide range of coal quality and ORD can supply RUN of Mine and Crushed Indonesia Steam Coal ranging from the gross calorific value of GAR 3600 to GAR 6500.

We can accept FOB Barge, FOB Mother Vessel, CNF or Franco Factory provisions and send according to the needs of clients throughout Asia

We are Experienced

Lets us handle your coal project

ORD employs the best skilled and experienced people from a variety of different industries background in coal mining, energy, oil and gas and heavy equipment industry. Every Employees naturally carry core expertise and knowledge gained from their previous experience in foreign companies.

Through a strict human resource policy, the company aims to achieve work that is committed to innovation and continuous improvement. Meanwhile on the side of the company’s behavior trying to always instill a strong corporate culture, the Company instills the core values of leadership to its employees.

GAR 4200
GAR 4000
GAR 3600
GAR 3200

Our Team

We have a dynamic and genius team to serve you

Iwan Kurniawam

Operations Director

Working in the field of mining is a passion of Iwan Kurniawan, Having handled coal transportation owned by PT ORD Rekacipta Dinamika in Ampah, Central Kalimantan, making him master the ins and outs of mining

Wijaya Kusuma Subroto


Has a wide network and connection. He was a Director on Inews. PT MNC Televisi Network (iNews), and has worked at the Pertamina Refinery Project. He has Post graduated back ground (MM UGM) and he is CEO of the Company

Sri Waluyo

Chief od Commissioners

Experienced as a coal trader. Has worked with large mining companies in Kalimantan and has strong relationships.

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