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  • Mangrove Crab


    Describtion 1 kg fresh frozen crab (2-3 pcs)
    Mangrove crabs directly from fishermen, frozen to maintain freshness.
    For sale Fresh Kiloan frozen, Fill 2-5 random tails

    ~ Instant Courier: 2 – 3 hours (OTW) 1 Load
    ~ Someday Courier: 3-6 hours (OTW) 4-10 Loads
    – Orders above 14:00 are likely to be sent the next day

    ✓ Due to natural products, we cannot guarantee the condition of the meat in crabs is always okay, because the cank is covered so that it is impossible to see / peel one by one
    ✓ Using a courier other than online motorcycle taxi is NOT recommended, avoiding damage to the product at the time of delivery

    Order means agreed = No Guarantee & No Complain

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    Mangrove Crab

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  • Sea Lobster Frozen Fresh


    Seawater lobster
    1 kg contents of 6-10 tails
    Mixed types (stones, pearls, bamboo, sand, pakistan, batik)
    Fresh frozen condition
    Ask the stock first before payment ..
    Warehouse location in  Tebet

    Sea Lobster Frozen Fresh

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  • Shrimps


    fresh Shrimp Vaname per kg size per kilo @ 70-80 tail.
    (Wholesale price).

    (For different size requests, please use the price in front, only we will increase the scales according to the request size price)

    Choose Grab / Gosend couriers (1 day delivery) for fresh and frozen fish products

    Jne, Tiki, only for salted fish products.

    Order system:
    You order today from 12:00 to 22:00 WIB, we will send it tomorrow at 05:00 to 10:00 WIB.
    Because the process of loading and unloading Fishermen carried out at night.

    Please click order:
    If catch by Fisherman your ordered goods are ready we will process and send tomorrow, if empty we reject the order.

    For mix orders of more than 2 products and it turns out that 1 product is empty, we will refund the funds for that empty product.


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  • White Leg Shrimp (Vaname)

    Rp150.000 Rp100.000

    Minimum  order 10 Kgs



    White Leg Shrimp (Vaname)

    Rp150.000 Rp100.000
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