fresh Shrimp Vaname per kg size per kilo @ 70-80 tail.
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(For different size requests, please use the price in front, only we will increase the scales according to the request size price)

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Jne, Tiki, only for salted fish products.

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You order today from 12:00 to 22:00 WIB, we will send it tomorrow at 05:00 to 10:00 WIB.
Because the process of loading and unloading Fishermen carried out at night.

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If catch by Fisherman your ordered goods are ready we will process and send tomorrow, if empty we reject the order.

For mix orders of more than 2 products and it turns out that 1 product is empty, we will refund the funds for that empty product.



The shrimp was ground in Shrimp ponds. Shrimp Ponds are a pond built to grow shrimp , both freshwater shrimp, brackish water, and salt water. Shrimp is one type of filter animals so that the quality of water (acidity and salt content) greatly determines the results obtained by farmers.

Potential shrimps to be cultivated in ponds are tiger shrimp ( Penaeus monodon ) and vaname shrimp ( Litopenaeus vannamei ). Both are able to tolerate salt levels between 0 to 45 percent. [use of a pond can be carried out in rotation with other animals, such as milkfish so that shrimp ponds can change into fishponds depending on the season


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