Mangrove Crab


Describtion 1 kg fresh frozen crab (2-3 pcs)
Mangrove crabs directly from fishermen, frozen to maintain freshness.
For sale Fresh Kiloan frozen, Fill 2-5 random tails

~ Instant Courier: 2 – 3 hours (OTW) 1 Load
~ Someday Courier: 3-6 hours (OTW) 4-10 Loads
– Orders above 14:00 are likely to be sent the next day

✓ Due to natural products, we cannot guarantee the condition of the meat in crabs is always okay, because the cank is covered so that it is impossible to see / peel one by one
✓ Using a courier other than online motorcycle taxi is NOT recommended, avoiding damage to the product at the time of delivery

Order means agreed = No Guarantee & No Complain

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Description of Fresh Mangrove Crab
Fresh Green / Red Mangrove Crab

Ready to supply to Resto, Hotels, also for own consumption
Live, fat, and solid stuff !!
Price is for 1 kg (+/- fill 2 pcs / kg)

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