Java Arabica

Rp51.000 Rp31.500

Our concept for coffee is FRESH ROAST where we assure to give coffee in an optimal condition for consumer satisfaction.

  • Chocolate cake aroma
  • Whiney
  • Mild
  • Moderate acidity


Java Arabica coffee (Java coffee) is coffee originating from the island of Java in Indonesia. This coffee is so famous that the Javanese name is the name for the coffee identity. Indonesian Javanese coffee does not have the same shape as coffee from Sumatra and Sulawesi, the taste is also not as rich as coffee from Sumatra or Sulawesi because most of Java coffee is processed wet (wet process). Even so, some Javanese coffees give off a thin aroma of spices, making them better than other types of coffee.

Javanese coffee has low acidity combined with soil conditions, air temperature, weather and humidity.

The most famous Javanese coffee is Jampit and Blawan. Old Javanese coffee beans (called old-brown) are large, and low in acid.

This coffee has a strong, concentrated, sweet coffee taste. Arabica Java Coffee Production is concentrated in the middle of the Ijen Mountains, at the eastern end of the island of Java, with a mountain height of 1400 meters. This coffee was first cultivated by Dutch colonials in the 18th century on large plantations.


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