Sea Lobster Frozen Fresh


Seawater lobster
1 kg contents of 6-10 tails
Mixed types (stones, pearls, bamboo, sand, pakistan, batik)
Fresh frozen condition
Ask the stock first before payment ..
Warehouse location in  Tebet



Sea water lobster is one of the fisheries commodities that have high economic value. This commodity is familiar among people who love seafood (sea food). Seawater lobster is famous for its delicate flesh and tasty and tasty taste. When compared with other types of shrimp, sea water lobster is much better. It is not wrong if this food is a prestigious meal that is only served in large restaurants and star-rated hotels. In Indonesia, lobsters are also referred to as barong shrimp or crayfish, lobsters also have various regional names, some of which are urang takka (makasar), koloura (kendari), loppa (bone), hurang reef (sunda), quail shrimp (padang ), and others.
Sea lobster is a type of invertebrate animal that has hard skin and belongs to the arthropod group. Has 5 life phases starting from the process of egg sperm production, then the phases or larvae, post larvae, juveniles and adults. In general, adult lobsters can be found on a stretch of sand containing coral spots with depths between 5-100 meters. Lobsters are nocturnal (active at night) and do the moulting process (skin replacement).


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