Mangosteen (Manggis bro)


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Mangosteen, also known as purple mangosteen, is a tropical plant grown for its sweet fruit. Its origin is believed be on the Sunda Islands, now divided between Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, and East Timor. Mangosteen is characterized by its dark purple, firm shell which covers and protects the edible white fruit.

The texture of the fruit is soft, juicy, and delicate, while the flavor is sweet with slight hints of tartness. The fruit is usually enjoyed plain, but it can also be incorporated in various baked desserts, custards, or ice creams. Mangosteen is found throughout Southeast Asia, and it is available in many markets around the world.

the efficacy of the mangosteen fruit extract which utilizes the natural benefits of the original mangosteen fruit to help prevent heart disease, prevent diarrhea, rejuvenate the skin, increase immunity, reduce diabetes, prevent premature aging, help the digestive system, and lose weight


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