Red Ginger (Jahe Merah)


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Red Ginger ( Zingiber officinale var. Rubrum ) is one of the superior types of ginger rhizome plants in Indonesia . This type is a superior variety because it has a higher active compound content than other ginger varieties.

Red Ginger is widely used as a raw material for traditional medicines. Morphologically, red ginger has rhizomes red to light orange and has a sharp aroma and spicy taste.

In the midst of the spread of the Corona virus, circulating inappropriate information related to the efficacy of red ginger called can cure the sufferer. “Until now there has been no evidence that reports the use of red ginger as an antiviral, specifically the Corona SARS-CoV-2 virus,” said Masteria Yunovilsa Putra, Head of the Center for Drug Discovery and Development Research Group , the Center for Biotechnology Research at the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) .He explained, red ginger works to help relieve the symptoms caused, not to cure or to kill the virus.

Red Ginger as an immunomodulator
Masteria explained, red ginger has an activity as an immunomodulator to increase endurance of the human body. “This effect is beneficial in prevention and helps in recovery from the Corona virus ,” he explained.

The content of red ginger, especially gingerol and shogao l, is a compound that is responsible for the immunomodulatory effect. In addition, red ginger also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. “In general, the Corona virus has symptoms of excessive inflammation in the lungs. With anti-inflammatory activity that is owned by red ginger, can relieve these symptoms, “said Masteria.

Masteria added that consuming red ginger can be a disease prevention step through increased endurance. “Indonesian people generally use red ginger as a food spice or consumed as herbal medicine,” he said.

In addition, red ginger also has several other pharmacological activities. “It seems to reduce blood pressure, antibacterial, lower uric acid, hepatoprotector, reduce cholesterol levels, aphrodisiac, prevention of chronic degenerative diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes in the elderly,” he concluded. (sf / ed: fz)

Source: Bureau of Cooperation, Law, and Public Relations LIPI


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