Yellow Catura

Rp45.000 Rp39.500

Price perpack 100 Gr

Our concept for coffee is FRESH ROAST where we assure to give coffee in an optimal condition for consumer satisfaction.

  • Nutty
  • Cocoa
  • Caramel
  • Herb
  • Apple acid
  • Hint of chocolate





The name of Yellow Chess is not as popular as Toraja coffee, Gayo coffee, Sidikalang coffee, and Wamena coffee. But for archipelago coffee lovers, Yellow Chess is a must-try coffee bean. The taste is unique with the aroma of a soft blend of fruits and flowers. There is the scent of lemon, apple, and flower fragrance in the yellow coffee of chessra.

Yellow Chess is a coffee that is different from the common coffee in Indonesia. Chessra yellow coffee beans are not red when ripe trees, but yellow when ripe. In Indonesia, rare yellow coffee beans, one of which is chess from yellow Bajawa District, Ngada Regency, East Nusa Tenggara. Another yellow coffee from Probolinggo.

This coffee is called rare, because there are not many areas that cultivate it. In Bajawa alone, it is estimated that only around 700 trees have been planted. So it’s not easy to get this coffee compared to looking for other types of coffee such as Toraja or Gayo.

The fragrance of fruit and flowers permeates coffee fans. Usually this coffee is brewed by way of V60. Soft coffee taste with acidity medium will be perfect in your tongue. You will fall in love with the yellow chess in the first sip. This coffee is a new favorite after Toraja coffee and Madura ginger coffee.



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